Lou Marcoccio
Renaissance man, thought leader, family man, and selfless provider to those in need.  
Donate time - Salvation Army children's "at risk" camp, Boston Families in Need, Boston Women's Small Business Cooperative, American Cancer Society, Children's Hospital, and a Boston area abuse center.  Mastered many marketing, art, technical, executive, teaching, and consulting occupations over a 50 year period.  These included: - Musician and instrumentalist of percussion instruments, drums, and singing - well known bands, orchestras, recording studio projects, and part time philharmonic participant. - Auto Mechanic and tri-state AAA Tow Truck Operator. - Jewelry Toolmaking Artist and Toolmaker, including drawing, design, metalwork, machining, metalurgy, machine trigenometry, and manufacturing tools. - East Coast Director of Telesales for advertising company. - Carpenter, General Laborer, Heavy Equipment Operator, Landscaping Director, and Vendor Manager for large construction company. - K-12 high school, middle school, and special needs teacher. - Teacher of special needs "at risk" adults - machine/create nuclear submarine parts, trigenometry, DoD document reading, metalurgy, and machine nomenclature.   - College instructor/teacher of engineering courses. - Director of Product Design Engineering and Manufacturing Engineering, Director of Information Technology, Worldwide Marketing Group Manager, Chief Corporate Architect, Director of CAD/CAM/CAE, Manager of Mechanical Engineering, and Chief Consultant to executives and CIOs - all at large computer related companies. Presented at major conferences and provided Press quotes and wrote articles and witepapers. - Senior Analyst and Research Director at Gartner Group, was head of two major worldwide efforts: (1) keep all world governments, economic systems and investors, companies, transportation, healthcare/hospitals, power, computer and software companies, and private citizens from experiencing catastrophic effects from the year 2000 software issue, and (2) make the world's companies, governments, investors, and general public aware of revolutionary Internet use and Internet business models that are in process of changing our lives (publishing, travel ticketing, retail, government, and many more).  On news shows and worldwide interviews and quotes daily, i.e., CNN, Money Line, NBC News, ABC News, Investor Report, Today Show, Jim Layher, Canada News, Russia News Agency, and many, many more. Advised U.S. Congress, CIA, NSA, and most US Government Agencies onshore and abroad.  Predicted almost no effect from year 2000 software issue in 1999 after most of the world made necessary fixes.  Wrote research analysts documents, articles, and larger analysis documents for clients and general public. - Dedicated Father to 50% custody "special needs" son. - EVP and CTO - Internet solutions, Web design, and more. - VP of Strategic Solutions at a large global mutual fund and asset management company. - Advisor to large global company headquartered in London, England.  Advised/coached executives and business leaders in strategies and enabling technologies. - Partner, Deloitte - Provided advice/coaching to one of the world's largest retail companies. - Artist, photographer, video art creator, marketing trailers, film maker, film animation creator, and advisor. 
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