Amy Simmons
Amy Simmons is a stay-at-home mom to Jakob (age 10) and Sophie (age 7 ½) — two kids who couldn’t be more different from each other. Jakob is a laid-back, sensitive, loves-to-read son, and Sophie is a high-energy, can’t-sit-still, crafty (in both senses of the word) daughter. Two cats and a husband round out Amy's family. Amy has lived in New England all of her life, and in Wayland for the last four-plus years.
She tends to parent the way she grew up — use your imagination, read, create forts (inside or out), encourage independence, contribute to family life, learn responsibility but be a kid as long as you can, and try to laugh a lot. Amy doesn’t believe that every child should win; just that every child should try their hardest, work to beat their best and celebrate successes at each level. With her free time from her "day job" (mom, social secretary, chauffer, tutor, etc.), Amy likes to be involved with the kids’ school, both in the classroom and with the PTO, she LOVES to bake, loves to eat out, and she loves to read. An impromptu coffee or lunch with a friend makes Amy's day.
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