Needed: Volunteers to Care for Orphaned Birds

A Wayland resident is seeking help caring for wrens abandoned in his yard.

The following was submitted by Katrien Vander Staeten.

David [Vander Straeten's neighbor] found a nest of baby birds in his spare tire on July 24. He tried to reunite them with the parents, but too much time had gone by (48 hours), so they are orphaned.  

He then called every Wildlife Rehabilitation Center in Massachusetts but they are unable to care for them. He contacted numerous volunteers, but they too are full and cannot care for these baby Carolina Wrens. 

He is looking for volunteers to step in and take care of these birds. Even a few days will be helpful. We can put together a roster and carry them through. David will explain in detail what needs to be done. The birds are in a shoe box and need to be kept out of cool drafty areas. They are just starting to grow feathers (becoming fledglings) and are able to keep each other warm.

They need to be fed every 1.5 hours from sunrise to sunset, using a toothpick with high protein (canned) puppyfood high in calcium. It is important that a tiny amount of cod liver oil be mixed with their food to aid in their digestion. They should be able to eat on their own in two weeks.

The adult Carolina Wrens are beautiful insect eating birds that are making a "comeback" to this region of the northeast. Check out a video of the fledglings taped on Friday, July 27, 2012 and included with this article. 

Please pass this message on to everyone you know might be able to help care for these beautiful little creatures. 

Davids' email: david_ide_was_here@yahoo.com  

David's 24-hour cell: 508-769-8788


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