The 2012 Loose Change Campaign Begins Monday

Businesses throughout Wayland will be collecting loose change this week.

The 2012 Loose Change campaign runs from Monday, March 12 through Friday, March 16, and will allow Wayland to build upon a successful 2011 effort.

Wayland's generosity last year led to a donation of more than $15,000 in one week, enough to build and supply a new schoolroom in the remote Peruvian village of Atuen.

The 2012 goal is even more ambitious. "We plan to fully equip schools in three more villages, which will significantly improve the educational opportunities for the children of the region," reads a press release. "To do this we need your help again."

The Loose Change campaign is spearheaded by Hatun Runa, which means "Great People" in Peru's native language of Quechua, according to the organization's website. The seeds of the organization were planted by Daniel Fernandez-Davila, a Peruvian archaeologist and Wayland Middle School teacher.

During the Loose Change campaign, individuals are asked to find loose change -- in their sofas, purses, cars, wherever -- a drop it into collection containers around town or at Wayland schools.


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