Wynn Students' Plea: Don't Take Away Our Semi-Formal!

Students upset over decision to change end-of-the-year tradition to a "tie-dye" dance.

Rachel Bradley, Nicole Liggiero and other 8th graders at the Wynn Middle School don't feel like they are asking for a lot. They just want their dance back.

Specifically, they are hoping school officials reverse a decision to change the traditional 8th Grade end-of-the-year celebration from a semi-formal to a "Tie-Dye" dance.

Rachel said she first heard rumors about the change a month ago. The rumors were conformed when a school-wide e-mail went out a few weeks later.

"It's just really disappointing," she said. "(The Semi-Formal) is pretty important to us. It's been a tradition for so many years. We love to get dressed up -- all the sparkly clothing."

Nicole, whose two older sisters both attended Wynn 8th Grade semi-formals, said she was upset because her class had already lost out on a semi-formal last year, when it was switched to a "Neon" Dance.

"It was shocking, really," she said. "We didn't get our seventh-grade semi-formal last year and now we're not getting it this year."

Rather than just complain about the school's decision, the girls decided to try and do something about it, with Rachel taking the lead. She reached out to Wynn Middle School Principal John Weir and the Wynn Parent Advisory Council, which sponsors the dance.

Here e-mail to the PAC read, in part:

"Semi is the end of the year dance that I have looked forward to since 5th grade when my older cousin had Semi. Semi is the last dance that EVERYONE is together.  Semi in a way is like senior prom, not in the dresses or clothing, but in a way that it is the last dance before people go to different high schools. Me, being one of the children who have applied to different high schools, makes me upset. This was going to be our last big dance. Semi has been in this town for years, along with many other towns across the country. I am not a begger, but I am begging that we have our semi back."

In response, the PAC has agreed to discuss the dance at their meeting on Thursday, Jan. 17. The council also plans to put together a committee to discuss and go over plans for the dance.

Allison Bradley, Rachel's mother, said she fully supports her daughter's efforts.

"I'm just so proud of her for standing up for something she believes in," said Bradley.

Rachel had a chance to talk briefly with Weir. She said he indicated he had hoped a tie-dye dance would be part of a larger, end-of-the-year celebration that would include all 8th graders, whether they intended to go to the dance at night or not. Reached by phone, he said he'd be happy to talk about the dance and the end-of-the-year celebration once the PAC has had a chance to meet Thursday night.



Marc January 16, 2013 at 04:08 PM
when you get into high school I feel its all about the seniors getting ready to graduate and move on with furthering their education, work status etc. Just like the middle school its all about the 8th graders moving on and furthering their education..Therefore its about the seniors whether it be 8th graders or 12th graders..Jr prom is the stupidest thing..I feel it takes away from the seniors. It has nothing to do with finances.
Sheryl Logiudice Liggiero January 17, 2013 at 03:11 AM
This issue has nothing to do with the junior prom.
Marc January 17, 2013 at 08:16 PM
I know it has nothing to do with the Junior prom, however again its about the older kids in the school. I spoke with my son and he said he doesn't even care one way or another about the dance the girls are the ones that want it. But regardless who goes or doesn't go, i think they should have something for the kids that are moving on. Now whether they have an all day event so all kids who don't usually attend a dance can participate or they continue to have regular dance should be up to the kids to vote not the school administration. They should do something like the end of the year carnival or something but that wont happen because of the cost. Its always the cost of things cuz the freakin town never has money..Its becomeing a dump..All things aside, there was never a problem at any of the dances so not sure why they feel the need to change.
Alison January 18, 2013 at 01:00 AM
I was disheartened that Mr. Weir seemed to have already made up his mind before tonight's PAC meeting. I was hoping that he would, at least, allow the 8th grade class to vote in what they would like to see for their dance.
Bill Gilman January 18, 2013 at 06:26 PM
a comment has been removed from this stream for violation of terms of service. C'mon mike, we've been over this. No fould language.


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