Whiz Kid: Junior Class E-Board

These kids are fighting skin cancer one signature at a time.

Patch Whiz Kids of the Week:

  • Group:  The Junior Class E-Board
  • School: Wayland High School
  • Accomplishment: Convinced more than 70 percent of their classmates to sign a "No Tanning" pledge. 
  • Key to Awesomeness: WHS participated in the Melanoma Foundation of New England's "Your Skin is In" campaign to educate students about the dangers of tanning. Junior Class E-Board members collected their classmates' signatures and, because their campaigning achieved more than 70 percent participation from their class, WHS was entered in a raffle. The school won $500 in the raffle that will go toward prom. 


Coaches, teachers, parents, youth leaders ... we know you are proud of your kids. Tell us about it, so we can recognize them for a job well done. Nominate a special kid, group or team today. More information is .


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