(UPDATED) Happy Hollow Open House, High School Orientation Canceled

Power remains out at Wayland High School and Happy Hollow so orientation and an open house, respectively, scheduled on Sept 1 have been canceled.

UPDATE: The Sept. 1 open house scheduled at  has been canceled as the school waits for power to be restored.

Principal Jim Lee said that the Happy Hollow Listserv, like that for Wayland High School, is inaccessible until power is restored.

Because communication through the school is difficult, Lee asked that Happy Hollow parents spread the announcement of the cancellation to other parents with students at the school.

Published earlier:

The ninth-grade orientation scheduled to take place Sept. 1 at has been canceled as WHS remains without power in the wake of Hurricane Irene.

The sixth-grade orientation at Wayland Middle School will take place as scheduled. (Orientation day bus routes are )

Assistant Superintendent Brad Crozier said the school system's servers, which house email Listservs, student schedules, the system's website and more, are located at Wayland High School. Until power is returned to WHS, none of that information is accessible.

A main component of ninth-grade orientation at WHS is distributing schedules to students and ensuring they know where each of their classes is located, Crozier explained.

"With servers are down, we can't even print those schedules," he said.

High School Principal Pat Tutwiler is working with the school's staff to find an alternate way to deliver to students the information generally supplied at orientation.

Crozier said he doesn't anticipate any change to the Sept. 6 start date for Wayland schools.

“We’re confident that the city and power company are working together to make sure the power is restored," Crozier said. "With the start date of Sept. 6, they have five more days to get power back up.”

Crozier said a good indication of whether the school's servers are back up, is the school's website at www.wayland.k12.ma.us. When that website begins working again, it's a good sign that the servers are functional, Crozier explained.

In the meantime, Crozier said school officials are reaching out to Patch and other area organizations to communicate with the public as much as possible.

He also said the school system does have a few collections of email contacts that could also be used.


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