Wayland Elementary Schools Reconfiguration Takes Another Step

Town meeting voters must approve the final budget for the elementary school project.

The Loker School
The Loker School

Wayland Public Schools are one step closer to reconfiguring its elementary schools.

The Wayland School Committee, during its Jan. 13 meeting, approved approved a new $35,461,047 budget that includes $594,645 for reconfiguring the elementary schools, according to Wayland Public Schools Superintendent Paul Stein.

However, the funding is not for a specific type of reconfiguration, Stein said. The committee, he said, is still mulling which model to implement. He said the committee is leaning toward his recommendation for a K-5 "2-3-4" model.

For the plan to be implemented, town meeting voters must approve the budget at the April 3, Stein said. 


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