SPS Announces Security Changes in Wake of Newtown Massacre

Among the changes, all non-staff visitors will now have to show proper ID and state their reason for the visit.

(EDITOR'S NOTE: The following was forwarded to Sudbury Patch.)

Dear SPS Families:

As you know, we have been reviewing our safety processes and procedures in collaboration with the Sudbury Police department and we are moving forward with implementation of enhancements to our security practices. Some of the enhancements will be quite visible while others, though no less important, may not be discernible. Over the past two weeks we have explored available options and discussed these options with district principals and Sudbury police and we are now working to obtain enhanced security devices at each school.  We also are in the process of identifying a security consultant who will advise us on other possible appropriate measures.

The School Committee and district administration are committed to incorporating identified enhancements in a thoughtful manner, as quickly as possible. In the interim, while we finalize our plans, we ask for your cooperation and patience. Effective immediately the following procedures will be implemented at all schools:

  • All non-staff visitors to our schools must identify themselves upon entering a building and state the reason for the visit
  • All non-staff visitors should be prepared to produce photo ID if requested by staff at school entries (ID will be requested and required for anyone who is unknown to the staff members facilitating access to the building)
  • Any non-staff visitor who does not have a verified purpose for entering the building will be denied access
  • All non-staff visitors will be asked to sign-in and indicate arrival time on the register provided
  • After checking in all visitors to the schools will be required to obtain a visitors badge, write their name and date on the badge and wear the badge while on campus
  • Upon leaving any school building all non-staff visitors will be expected to sign-out and record the time leaving the building
  • All non-staff visitors may only enter and exit the building through the front doors
  • Students who attend morning activities before the start of the school day will be met at the front door of the school and escorted by the supervisor of the activity

As additional enhancements are made, your school principal and/or I will communicate with you regarding implications for non-staff visitors to school. We place the highest priority on the safety of our students and staff and we appreciate your cooperation and patience as we work toward enhancing the security measures already in place in our buildings. We value the input and support provided by parents and staff members and we look forward to continuing to work together.



Rob January 04, 2013 at 04:26 PM
The Schools already required you to check in and get a name tag etc. Is this a "new policy" or are we saying we are going to enforce existing policy? End of the day this policy is not going to stop a loon from being a loon. The only thing that is going to stop a loon with a gun is a sane person with a gun.
Michael Fleming January 16, 2013 at 05:22 PM
Rob- I agree. There will always be bad guys. With over 300 millions guns already in existence, there will always be guns. Bad guys will always have guns. Now, are we prepared to wait til the bad guys "see the light" and decide that they no longer want to kill others? Or are we willing to counter the evil with good? The Left see this as a problem with the presence or existence of guns, figuring that it is the guns that turns men evil, like they had virus like properties, when in fact, guns are an inanimate object, and only act as a tool or an extension of whomever picks the gun up. Banning guns to promote safety is like banning fire to prevent arson. In order to counter evil men with guns, we must put guns in the hands of good men. This logic trips up liberals because they have an issue of what "good" and "evil" actually means, and in their morally relative world, what is "evil" to one person, is "good" to another, hence, arming "good" men is a concept too vague for most on the left. Remember, it is the left side of our political spectrum that is uncomfortable with "the rule of law" and used the pejorative "pigs" or "the man" for the police in the 60's, so hireing more "good guys",(the police) and posting them at schools, is a step in the wrong direction for them. Taking away the guns from good guys is palatable to the left, because the mere fact that you OWN a gun, automatically disqualifies you from being one of the good guys. Moral relativity at work.


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