Weekly Question: What Do You Hope for Your Kids This School Year?

As Wayland students prepare to head back to school, we're asking parents about their secret hopes for their kids this year.

Do you hope they score the winning touchdown? Do you hope for them to earn the right to play the solo in the band concert? Do you hope they have teachers that affirm their creativity (even if it is a bit extreme)? Do you hope for straight As? Do you hope they don't get hurt on the playground?

Do you hope they stay out of trouble, make friends, embrace community service, balance school and a first job?

Going back to school is of course an important season for students, but we suspect their parents are experiencing a range of emotions this time of year as well.

Mixed up in all the school supply shopping, schedule arranging and forms to fill out, parents dream dreams for their children. Sure, some of those dreams are far-reaching and long-term, but we want to know about your hopes for this particular school year.

So this weekly question goes like this: What do you hope for your children to learn, experience, accomplish, do and/or become throughout this school year?

Go ahead, dream big for your kids. It's your right as their parents, after all.

Log in to Wayland Patch and share your thoughts with us in the comments section below. Perhaps your dream can be encouraging or inspiring for other Wayland parents.


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