UPDATED (Aug. 31): 2012-13 Wayland Public Schools Bus Routes

In a matter of days the 2012-13 Wayland school year will get started. Here's how to make sure your kiddos find the right bus.

Update (Aug. 31): These routes are continuing to change as more students request bus passes. We have updated the included routes with the most current as of Aug. 31. They will likely change again after school begins.

The bus routes for all Wayland Public Schools are now available and there are some significant changes from years past.

In particular, kindergarten students heading to will be riding a . The change is intended to cut down on the time students have to spend on the bus and will also provide more efficiencies for the bus routes on a whole.

The attached PDFs are separated into morning and afternoon routes for each school. The exception is the Wayland Middle School and Wayland High School routes; those students share buses so the schedule is published together.

Aug. 30 Orientation Day for Sixth Graders

These routes do not apply for the Aug. 30 Sixth Grade Orientation Day at Wayland Middle School. For details about transportation that day, see "." No bus passes are needed for this orientation day transportation.

Sept. 4 at Wayland High School

Tenth through 12th graders with bus passes should report to their respective bus stops two-and-a-half hours after the scheduled time on the morning of Sept. 4. Ninth grader and transfer student orientation will take place at that morning.

All Boston high school students should report at 7:30 a.m. as there will be no additional bus from Boston.

Ninth graders, transfer students and peer mentors who have purchased a bus pass should catch the bus according to the regular morning schedule.

Dismissal will occur at 2:15 p.m. and afternoon bus routes will take place as scheduled.


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