Superintendent Wants $600,000 for Salary Reserves; $250,000 Teacher Training

School Supt. Stacy Scott said he would like the district to receive $850,000 out of the expected $1.5 million in additional state aid, if not more, when Town Meeting votes next month.

Framingham is expected to receive about $1.5 million in additional state aid.

Superintendent of Schools Stacy Scott told a School Committee Finance Subcommittee last week, he would like the Framingham Public Schools to receive a "minimum" of $889,000 of the additional state aid.

Town Meeting members at a Special Town Meeting, scheduled for Oct. 16, will have the ultimate say how the money is spent.

Scott made a list of priorities for the School Committee. He put the needs into three categories: minimum, maximum to expect and "resources that would be wonderful, even ideal to get but that are considered unlikely."

The top item on the list was $600,000, to be set aside for salary reserves. It would "be a placeholder" as the administration continues to negotiation with the school unions on a contract. Teachers are looking for a three-year contract.

The $600,000 is roughly equivalent to a 1% raise for the current staff, said Scott.

"We are in the midst of negotiations and don't know what the outcome will be, but we have to budget something to be prepared," Scott told the School Committee Finance Subcommittee. "Given the trend within the town of 1% for other town employees it would seem prudent, if not reasonable to put forth that amount in the school budget" as salary reserves.

Scott's second priority identified was $250,000 for teacher training. He said that amount would buy a day within the teacher's contract. He said this would send a positive message to the teachers and help the district meet the new state requirements.

A third priority identified by Scott was $39,000 for after-school buses for the middle schools. Scott said the town was waiting on word on a couple of grants, but if they don't come through this money would be needed.

Other needs identified by the Superintendent of Schools included a vice-principal at the middle school level, librarians, the elementary music program, classroom aides and teacher supplies. Scott told the School Committee Finance Committee these needs are "maximum and ideal" items on his priority list.

The Framingham School Committee is meeting tonight, Sept. 24 and may discuss Scott's priority list, as a whole seven-member board. Meeting starts at 7:30 p.m.

Heidi McIndoo September 25, 2012 at 04:13 PM
I hope this works out. Our children are out future and we need to help them to be the best they can be. To do so, our children's teachers need as much support as we can give them. I know more hours for aides, at least at the kindergarten level, could go a long way to maximize our kids' experience/education as they begin their school years.


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