Complete Warrant Recap: Wayland 2012 Special Town Meeting

A quick reference recapping action taken on each article of Wayland's 2012 Special Town Meeting Warrant.

Wayland 2012 Special Town Meeting lasted just one session and less than 90 minutes. You’ll find a recap (without abstentions) of the votes as well as amendments passed for each article below (amendments that failed are not included, but can be followed in the live blog linked below). The original 2012 Special Town Meeting Warrant is available as a PDF and an errata sheet is here.

In addition to this article recap, Wayland Patch live blogged the STM from the floor. You can check out the saved blog for more details from the meeting.

NOTE: For a printable version of this, or any other article published on Wayland Patch, click the "Print" link above the article text, but below the headline.


Article 1: Adopt Bylaw re: Clearing, Grading and Protection of Specimen Trees – The motion presented on the floor changed the title of this article to read Establish a Clearing, Grading and Protection of Specimen Trees Advisory Committee. The motion noted that further investigation into the issue was needed and outlined the formation of the committee. The motion passed 132-18.

Article 2: Adopt Bylaw Re: Utility Herbicide Application – The motion under this article was significantly different than what was printed in the article. The new motion addressed the issue that state and federal governments are in charge of chemical application. The motion passed 129 yes, 64 no.

Article 3: Resolution Seeking Federal and State Legislation to Require Public Hearing and Approval by Board of Health for Application of Chemicals – The motion deleted the directive to federal legislators and left it at state legislators. The motion failed 59 yes, 192 no.

Article 4: resolution to Provide More Fiscal Control Through the Voted Budget – The motion passed 252 yes, 15 no.

Article 5: Adopt Bylaw: Funding OPEB Through an Individual Warrant Article – The motion passed 210 yes, 60 no.

Article 6: Amend Zoning Bylaw Article 18: Conservation Cluster Development District to Permit Detached Units – The motion presented deleted the words "Such approval may modify required setbacks." The motion passed 130 yes, 34 no.

Article 7: Resolution Seeking Federal and State Legislation to End Unfunded Mandates – The motion failed 29 yes, 104 no.

Cynthia Hill October 04, 2012 at 11:27 AM
Thank you to the Wayland petitioners who worked so hard to present straightforward articles that passed with resounding approval. An outstanding night all around!


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