Wayland Woman Charged With Assault, Battery on a Police Officer

The following information was supplied by the Wayland Police Department. Where arrests or charges are mentioned, it does not indicate a conviction.

A Wayland police officer was back at work one day after being kicked on the right side of the head by a woman in protective custody.

The woman, 32-year-old Grace Fogarty of 3 Amey Road in Wayland, was subsequently arrested and charged with assault and battery on a police officer.

Wayland Police said they responded to Sunday night after receiving a call about an intoxicated female. Officers responded and placed Fogarty in protective custody.

Wayland Police Chief Bob Irving explained that officers have the ability to police someone in protective custody if they believe that person could be a danger to him/herself or someone else. Protective custody is not an arrest.

Officers transported Fogarty to the Wayland Public Safety Building where she was placed in a holding cell. Irving said her family had been contacted to come pick her up.

According to Irving, officers monitoring Fogarty became afraid that she would harm herself in the cell.

“The officers were very concerned for her,” Irving said.

Officer Chris Hanlon and Sgt. Charles Akins entered the cell to restrain Fogarty. During the attempt to secure the restraints, Iriving said, Fogarty kicked Hanlon in the head.

Any injury to a police officer must be immediately reported. Hanlon did not seek medical treatment that night, but did visit his doctor the next day. He returned to work on Monday, “a bit stiff,” according to Irving, but otherwise well.

“I’m always very concerned [when an officer is injured on the job],” Irving said. “First I’m concerned for them and their family, but it can also create staffing and scheduling issues in the department.

“I’m very glad this wasn’t any worse than it was.”

Fogarty was scheduled to be arraigned Monday morning at Framingham District Court.


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