Wayland Police Issue Vehicle Burglary Advisory

Recent vehicle break-ins and thefts prompted a warning from Wayland police.

Wayland Patch has reported numerous and even a in the past few months.

The car-related crime had the Friday issuing a neighborhood advisory particularly geared to the Winthrop Road, Winthrop Terrace and Trinity Place area -- where the break-ins have been concentrated -- but relevant for everyone.

"In an effort to notify residents, and prevent future crimes, we are requesting you lock your vehicles, remove personal items such as GPS, cash, coins, cellular telephones and remove your keys to your vehicles," the police advisory reads.

According to the advisory, most of the vehicles that were burglarized were left unlocked. In the case of the two stolen vehicles, one had the keys left in the ignition, and the other, stolen on July 6, had a key fob left in it. Police also recovered a stolen vehicle in Wayland, on July 6, that they believe was abandoned in town around the same time the other vehicle was stolen.

In addition to taking preventative steps, police are asking residents who spot suspicious activity to contact police at 508-358-4721 or by calling 911.


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