Wayland FD Hopes to Never Use This on You

Wayland firefighters have a cool new tool to help save your life if you suddenly suffer a heart attack. 

Whereas fighters would manually perform chest compressions on a patient suffering from a heart attack, they now have a new machine that will automatically perform them. The point - to free up firefighters to perform other critical medical tasks and boost the chances of saving a life through more efficient compressions, according to Wayland Firefighter/Paramedic Pat Wackinshaw. 

So far, firefighters have used the machine on one patient, who unfortunately died, according to Wayland Fire Chief Vinnie Smith. However, they are hoping it will be critical to saving lives in the future. 

ADVANTAGES OF MACHINE (Source: Wackinshaw, who demonstrated the device for Wayland Patch)

Not having firefighters perform compressions avoids tiring them out as they try to save a patient's life.

-The machine can perform the compressions more efficiently than humans.

-The machine can remain on when the patient arrives at a hospital and nurses continue lifesaving care.

-Recent studies show chest compressions performed during a heart attack are more important than the breathing part of CPR, according to Smith.

-"It definitely increases the chances of living," Wackinshaw said.

-Cost: The machine cost $13,094.25, according to Smith.



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