This is Why You Don't Want a False Home Alarm in Wayland

Police can fine home owners for repeated false home alarms.

Wayland Police
Wayland Police
False alarms are a fact of life if you have a home or business alarm.

Be warned Wayland home and business owners - you will face fines for repeated false alarms. 

Wayland Police are reminding residents of the town's alarm bylaw that can impose fines on home or business owners for "excessive" false alarms in a calendar year. A fourth false alarm will cost $25, while a fifth will cost $50. Subsequent false alarms will cost $100 each incident. 

This year, Wayland Police plan to track the number of false alarms by address. After the third alarm at any address, police will send warning notices. 

In 2002, Wayland Police began enforcing the town's false alarm bylaw. Since then, the number of false alarms has dropped by 60 percent. 

"Many of these alarms are repeat malfunctions at businesses or private residences. False alarms strain the resources of the department and create unnecessary risk to officers and the public as a response is initiated," Wayland Police Chief Robert Irving said in a statement.

Da January 15, 2014 at 09:27 AM
As if wayland pd has something better to do...just another scheme to make the government money I'm sure wayland pd is happy when they get a false alarm it gives them something to do besides endlessly trying to catch people speeding


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