Testimony of Trooper Will Continue Wednesday in Fujita Trial

State Trooper David Twomey was on the stand when court adjourned in the first-degree murder trial of Nathaniel Fujita on Tuesday.

Prosecutor Lisa McGovern was in the midst of her questioning of State Trooper David Twomey when Judge Peter Lauriat adjourned court in the trial of Nathaniel Fujita on Tuesday.

Fujita, now 20, is facing a first-degree murder charge arising from the death of Lauren Astley, his ex-girlfriend and Wayland High School classmate, in 2011.

Twomey was on the stand for a significant portion of Tuesday, the fourth day of testimony in the case.

Several of the photos already submitted as evidence were revealed to have been taken by Twomey, who was serving with the crime scene services section at the time of Astley's murder.

Twomey explained the photographs he captured at Water Row, where Astley's body was discovered on July 4, 2011, and was in the midst of testimony about his documenting the execution of search warrant at the Fujita home in Wayland on July 4, 2011, when the judge adjourned court for the day.

On Tuesday, witnesses in the trial included two police officers, Twomey and now-retired Wayland Police Sgt. Richard Manley; now-retired Wayland High School science teacher Emily Norton who said she had both Fujita and Astley in class their senior year (2010-2011); Natick Mall security services employee, William Minnucci, who discussed security camera footage at the mall from July 3, 2011; and Cory Heavey, who said he was working at the General Nutrition Center (GNC) store at Natick Mall on July 3, when Fujita came in and made a purchase.

For a complete recap of the Feb. 19 events in court, check out the Wayland Murder Trial Live Blog.


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