OMGPD: Sex-for-Drugs, McDonalds Drive-Through Smash-and-Run & T-H-E-F-T: Bingo!

Our weekly compilation of some of the more unusual police reports from around the Boston area. An arrest does not indicate a conviction.



 Watertown Police received a tip that a man was advertising that he would trade drugs to "party" with a woman. Police set up a time to meet the man in the Starbucks parking lot and a female undercover officer met the man. He gave her Adderall, and police arrested him for having a Class B drug: http://patch.com/A-zvQ


Trip to the Hospital, Trip To Jail

On Nov. 6, Wayland police received information leading them to believe that a suspect wanted for an attempted carjacking might be at a Concord hospital. Police did some checking and verified that John R. Abbott, of Wayland, was in fact at a Concord hospital. Concord police subsequently arrested Abbott, wanted in connection to an attempted carjacking on Oct. 24 in Wayland, and transferred him to Wayland police custody. The nature of Abbott's visit to the hospital was not released, but police were able to bring him to the station and then arraignment: http://patch.com/A-zvf0


I'm Frankly Surprised This Doesn't Happen More Often

A manager from Burlington McDonalds on Oct. 24 reported damage to the drive through. An unknown operator of a G. Davis Electric Service truck hit the clearance arches while going through the drive through: http://patch.com/A-zqsy


On Oct. 30, an employee at the St. James Armenian Church in Watertown discovered that someone had taken $170 in cash from the church's bingo office, Lawn said. Police are investigating: http://patch.com/A-zxNP


Now Here's a Hot Item to Fence

On Nov. 4, someone smashed the rear passenger-side window of an Acura car on Riverside Street in Watertown, and stole the airbag, police said. The airbag is worth $800: http://patch.com/A-zxNP

When the 'Find My iPhone' App Comes in Handy

A Newman Elementary School fifth-grader in Needham reported that his cell phone was stolen from his locker sometime early on Oct. 25. The student lockers are open and do not have doors or locks. Several calls and text messages have been made from the phone since it was taken. The matter is under investigation: http://patch.com/A-zpxS 


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