Does Wayland Pay for Pothole Damage?

Save this story in case your car strikes a Wayland pothole.

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Have you damaged your car by hitting a pothole in Wayland lately? 

If you have, keep reading. If you have not, save this story. 

Drivers that strike potholes in Wayland and on a Wayland-owned road may file for reimbursements for damage, according to town officials.

To file a claim (source Paula Dettore): Within a reasonable amount of time after the incident, write up a description of what happened and the location and file it with the selectmen's office at the Wayland Town Building. Include the reimbursement amount you want. 

After the paperwork is filed, the town's insurance company investigates whether the town is liable for the damage, Dettore said. 

Cynthia Hill January 21, 2014 at 03:58 PM
Ryan, this is a serious issue, would you please name your "town officals". The buck must stop somewhere....
Paul Neurath March 03, 2014 at 03:03 PM
My car was damaged by a pothole on a Wayland public road. I reported the damage to the town, but was told that the town would only coverage damage if someone had previously reported the same pothole and the town had failed to fix it quickly. In this instance the town had fixed the hole within a few days of my hitting it, so it was not covered. So be aware.


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