Support Downs for School Committee

Every Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday, from mid-December through mid-March you can stop by the Wayland Community Pool and witness volunteerism and commitment to community at its finest.

Jeanne Downs and her team of caring adults and students are coaching, praising, managing and encouraging over one hundred 5 to 14 year-olds to personal and team success as part of the Wayland Junior Warriors.  Behind the scenes, Jeanne spends countless hours preparing for meets, coordinating parent volunteers and making the whole wildly successful program run smoothly.

On any given Friday (or Monday, or Wednesday) you are likely to find Jeanne volunteering at one of our schools or participating in a PTO meeting – as she has done for the last 15 years.  While in our schools, Jeanne isn’t just volunteering, she is building relationships – with administrators, with teachers, with students and with fellow-parents.

The balance of the time Jeanne, and her husband, Ben, are raising four bright, community-minded young adults – all products of the Wayland School System.

I have had the pleasure of Jeanne’s acquaintance for over 9 years, first as a Junior Warriors parent and then later as a PTO board member.  Throughout these years I have been impressed by Jeanne’s leadership, patience, objectivity, and genuine care for our community and its children.   Jeanne knows our community and our children – and can provide the guidance our schools need to be successful.

For these reasons, I wholeheartedly believe Jeanne Downs is an ideal candidate for School Committee.  Please consider supporting Jeanne in the upcoming School Committee election.

Sue Mitrano

Glover Road


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