Please support Karlson, Nolan and Antes

Please join me in supporting Karlson, Nolan and Antes for Board of Selectmen!


I could not think of three more qualified candidates for Board of Selectmen!!!  I wish to thank each one of them for sharing their time, intelligence and understanding of town government with the residents of Wayland.  


Cherry Karlson has served our town for 10 years as a member of the Finance Committee.  She has skillfully managed the town's money while successfully avoiding overrides to our tax base for the past  five years. Cherry’s ability to interact with residents from all across the town, in such a respectful and efficient manner, is truly remarkable.


Joe Nolan has served our town as a member of the Board of Selectmen for 9 years.  Joe’s institutional knowledge of inner town workings and his ability to relate to the many demographics, from our older residents to those with school aged children, is a real gift. 


Mary Antes has served our town for decades while holding many important positions of leadership, including her past role on the Board of Selectmen.  Her wisdom and understanding of this town, along with its government and committee work, is beyond compare.


All three of these candidates have incredible knowledge of our town and I wish to thank each one for their incredible service to Wayland.  I thank them for their willingness to continue as caretakers for our special town.


Please join me in voting for Cherry Karlson, Joe Nolan and Mary Antes on Tuesday, April 1.


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