'Let's Hope a McDonald's Is Not Far Behind'

An earthquake, Wayland Town Center and crosswalks are just some of the hot topics that got Patch users talking on our comments board and Facebook page this week.

What Businesses are Coming to Wayland Town Center?

- "I drove by this area yesterday and took a good look after someone had brought to my attention who is going into Town Center. Are you kidding me? Congrats to everyone in Wayland !!! We are now going to fully compete with all the chain store shopping centers in Natick and Framingham. No need for us to suffer Rt. 9 traffic any longer!! We will now have our very own Rt. 20 traffic and it will be worse. But it will be so worth it - where else will we be able we find such unique dining such as Panera and Bertucci's? Or such specialty food shops like Stop & Shop? Let's hope a McDonald's is not far behind !!! To quote someone's comment above, "disgraceful." Wayland was sold a bill of goods. Period. The damage is done. No going back. So what area of Wayland will be next? The classic rock back, The Who, sang "We Won't Get Fooled Again." Yea, right. Sure." -- Rich R.

- "Felt the tremor, but sustained no damage." -- Thomas Turner

- "My whole house shook and I ran outside to see if anything hit my house." -- Maureen O'Brien Tarantino (on the Wayland Patch Facebook page)

Where Should A Crosswalk Be Added in Wayland?

- "We definitely need a crosswalk on Rt. 126 and Bow Road, just north of the town library. Many pedestrians from the surrounding area use that crossing because the the walking route is so terrific (Bow Road and up to Mill Pond). But that intersection is incredibly dangerous because of the width of Bow Road at that point, the speed of traffic, and curves in Rt. 126 that limit visibility." -- Teresa

- "I dont really feel the comment about a proposed drive thru is quantified. Bank of America has one. Middlesex has one. TD bank has one. If a drive thru is what will bring a CVS to the site, then so be it. Wayland needs the commercial taxes, and it would really be a sin to chase a potential developer away over something as arbitrary as a pharmacy drive up, that realistically, wont be that busy." -- Wayland Excavating

Sandy Ross October 20, 2012 at 10:26 PM
Completely agree. It is not a "Town Center", it is a shopping center and a rather large one at that. The Stop and Shop alone is 45,000 sq. feet (just for reference the Shaw's in Sudbury is 32,000 square feet). The developers promised a quaint New England -like downtown with shops of varying architecture as if it had been built over time. The only thing that varies amongst the buildings is the color of the paint. Historically, this size of a shopping center is placed within 5 minutes of a major highway. The town, unfortunately, fell for all the lies.
peter punch November 08, 2012 at 01:12 PM
Hi Sandy, You are absolutely correct. The town center is only good for the developers and the contractors. We get the traffic and blacktop. It looks like shoppers world right here in Wayland. You probably did not sign up to live on Rt 9? The developer is happy with 10-15 year leases by national chains. Locals can not afford this kind of rent. The same thing is currently proposed for the old Finnerty restaurant site. Promises of small shoppes, but want a huge CVS with a Drive-Thru.


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