Festive Attire for New Year’s Eve

New Year's Eve attire for wherever you may go.

We realize that some of you may prefer comfortable pajamas in front of a fire on New Year’s, but for those who enjoy celebrating with family and friends, we have some ideas that will take the stress out of what to wear.

When thinking about “holiday fashion,” most of us have an image of sequins and bright colors. While some shimmer can look terrific, an overdose can look gaudy. 

When it comes to any festive event, we suggest pre-selecting your “look” so that when the time comes to get dressed, you don’t end up with clothes strewn about your room. Following are “looks” we believe work for all parties and styles.

LBD – the Little Black Dress is always a safe bet and a great look. If you want to spruce it up for winter, consider a velvet dress with a faux diamond cuff bracelet, stud earrings, opaque tights and black pumps.  If you have your standard LBD that you pull out a few times each year, add some pizzazz with patterned tights and black pumps, or no tights and bright-colored suede pumps (dark red is perfect). Another great way to add some fun to your LBD basic-black look is by carrying a festive clutch. Nordstrom has a fun selection of mesh and beaded clutches that won’t break the bank. Any one of these additions works, but don’t overdo it with patterned tights, a sparkly cuff bracelet AND a festive clutch. Too much of a good thing is just that . . . too much.

Dressy jeans. Dressy jeans really can take you anywhere these days. Make sure to choose a “dressy” jean that has a dark wash and slight flare at the bottom for a flattering look with heels. Pair these with a silk or sequin top and you’ll both look hip and be comfortable. For an added edge, choose a one shoulder or halter top to show off your shoulders and arms. 

Black Pencil Skirt. For those of you going to an office party or looking for a more classic look, a black pencil skirt and silk blouse will look smart and chic. If you want to funk it up, booties are so trendy right now, can be worn with everything, and are a great unexpected statement to all outfits.

Completely Casual. For those of you who may be attending a more casual affair (Katherine is attending a party where the hostess requested “jeans and flannel”), you can still look stylish. Wear a great pair of jeans in black or denim with a fitted flannel shirt over a tank top, and your favorite boots. You will be comfortable and look great, too. Top it off with multiple bangle bracelets.

For all of these fashion ideas, the shops to get you looking (and feeling) great are right here. You know our favorites -- Wayland’s own has wonderful pieces and the sales staff is always helpful. Also visit the consignment store (if you hurry in, you may be able to grab the St. John silver knit tank top, which would be great with dressy jeans and a tuxedo blazer).

Finally, to top off your look and indulge yourself, consider having your hair blown out and/or your make-up done (always complimentary at the mall make-up counters).

Happy Holidays and Happy New Year!


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