Vote Jeanne Downs for School Committee

Jeanne Downs. File photo.
Jeanne Downs. File photo.

The following is a letter by Moira Breen Smith:

I have worked with and observed Jeanne Downs in several volunteer capacities related to the schools and other community groups and I enthusiastically support her election to the school committee.

Jeanne is one the most respectful and fair-minded people that I have ever met.  Someone who truly listens to others, Jeanne has that rare ability to honestly consider problems from the perspective of everyone involved.   When dealing with divisive issues, her interpersonal skills and leadership ability set the tone for collaborative and respectful discourse, creating a place for resolution.

Jeanne is extremely intelligent, with a keen sense of financial responsibility and savvy.  I am confident that she will consistently look for a ways to spend our tax dollars prudently while keeping our schools top notch.

Jeanne works tirelessly and humbly, with dedication, because she is invested in and cares deeply about our community.  Throughout the years she has served as president of the High School PTO, Middle School PTO, and prior to that was very involved in the elementary level.   This experience enables her to have insight into our schools at every level.   She also has spent years working with young children as coach of the Junior Warriors swim program.  Families who participate in this program have benefited a great deal from Jeanne’s leadership, as she is a model of perseverance, respect, and determination.   She is extraordinary in this way, as she demonstrates not only what giving your best is for the achievement of one’s own goals, but what giving your best means for community success.

Wayland is so very fortunate that Jeanne is eager and willing to serve.  She has contributed immensely to our town and our schools through her volunteer service and will be a tremendous asset to the school committee.  Please vote for Jeanne Downs on April 1st.

Moira Breen Smith

Jeff Baron March 14, 2014 at 09:02 AM
It is somewhat misleading to say all the candidates for this office are not highly qualified. I would encourage interested folks to visit Alexia Obar's campaign website as well. Past President (and current member) of the Middle School PTO, former Chief of Staff in the MA State Legislature, member of the Elementary School reconfiguration committee. Equally as good qualifications as any of the candidates and worthy of equal consideration.
Sharon Burke March 14, 2014 at 09:53 AM
Hi Jeff. You are correct. What I should have said was these candidates have reputations (based on their proven track records) of working positively and collaboratively with boards, in addition to being the qualified candidates running. As you know, Jeanne, like Alexia, has also been MS PTO President, but also HS PTO president and on the PTO Board at the elementary level. And as I'm sure you can agree from your own personal experience as a Jr. Warrior family, Jeanne is possibly the most hardworking, thoughtful and patient person you may ever met. She is not divisive (wish I had that quality!), and she is always considerate of others views and is a real team builder. I would also strongly encourage folks that after they visit Alexia's webpage, they also speak with those folks she has served on boards with. She is a very different candidate indeed from Jeanne or Barb.
Jeff Baron March 14, 2014 at 10:04 AM
Politics aside, Sharon, the Jr. Warriors program is fantastic and Jeanne's work on it is equally as fantastic!
J. Michael Gilbreath March 16, 2014 at 09:29 AM
Alexia certainly appears to be a qualified candidate, unfortunately her website provides no information about the issues facing the Wayland schools and her perspectives on them.
Jeff Baron March 16, 2014 at 11:51 AM
Michael, I was sure to forward your comments to Alexia. I know she does not participate as a commenter on this site. She will, however, be participating in the LOWV night and any call-ins. I'm sure you get a fuller perspective on her (and the other candidates') perspectives during these events.


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