Argie Shapiro Will Build Consensus

The election on April 1 is a significant one for Wayland. I hope all residents will carefully consider the candidates for the Board of Selectmen. I recently had a chance to meet Argie Shapiro, who spoke about her reasons for running for the Board of Selectmen at a neighborhood gathering. She also shared information about herself and expressed her deep commitment to the town of Wayland. She and her family moved to Wayland six years ago because her husband Dan wanted to return to his roots in Massachusetts. Argie and Dan were drawn to Wayland by the reputation of its excellent schools and its semi-rural character.   Argie described her work ethic, first working her way through high school, then college at Fordham University (Honors Program), and finally Fordham University School of Law. Argie has fourteen years of experience as an attorney and currently works in the Attorney General's office in Boston. As I listened to Argie speak, I was impressed with her communication skills. She listened to residents' concerns thoughtfully, she quickly understood what they were saying, and her follow-up questions were to the point. These skills will serve her well as she conducts the Board's business in a professional and objective manner.   Argie also spoke about the lack of civility that has characterized many public meetings in town. She made it clear that if elected, she will foster an atmosphere that encourages mutual respect of diverse opinions and encourages residents to share their concerns and ideas about problems facing Wayland. When several residents expressed concern about Town finances, Argie told us that she is committed to making sure that all financial decisions will be well-managed, fiscally responsible, and transparent.   In the coming months, Wayland will hire a new Town Administrator. Argie wants to ensure that this person will possess the skills to build collaborative relationships with residents and all Town Departments and Boards.   It was clear to me that Argie is committed to making decisions in the best interests of all Wayland residents. I am convinced that she will do this in a fair and straightforward manner. She has the ability to restore trust in our Town government by acting with honesty and integrity.   To learn more about Argie, visit her website at www.argieshapiro.com. Please join me in voting for Argie Shapiro for a three-year term on the Board of Selectmen on April 1.   Judith Canty Graves


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