Readers Weigh In on Wayland's Worst Roads

A few roads emerged as most in need of work when Wayland Patch asked readers for their opinions in last week's Weekly Question.

We were thinking mostly about car drivers when , but readers pointed out that Wayland's roads service more than just vehicles.

"This isn't just an automotive question, it's also a cycling question," Jeff Dieffenbach commented, noting that Old Connecticut Path between Routes 27/126 and Route 20 and Pelham Island Road are among the worst roads in town.

Bruce Cohen agreed, adding that "deep gouge-like potholes," characterize both roads mentioned by Dieffenbach.

And Virginia Slep pointed out that walkers, cyclists and drivers are hard pressed to coexist on Pelham Island Road simply because of the road's width.

Overall, Pelham Island Road and Old Connecticut Path between Route 20 and Routes 27/126 emerged as the most in need of repair. Route 30 by Cochituate Common, Glen Road, Pineridge Road and Route 27 in Cochituate also drew comments.

Wayland Highway Director Stephen "Stubby" Kadlik knows there are roads in Wayland that need work -- and he is in the process of coordinating with the town's Board of Public Works to see that at least some of that work gets done before this construction season ends in mid-November.

Kadlik has already proposed repair work to Old Connecticut Path from the Route 126/27 intersection to Rice Road. He's hopeful the Board of Public Works will approve that project in time for him to put crews to work on it in September and October.

“In Wayland, we try to break it up a little bit because we don’t have a whole lot of money,” Kadlik said, explaining that the typical practice is to do small projects in both north and south Wayland each year with a somewhat larger project in the middle of town. "We’re doing close to four miles of road a year and for a town like Wayland that’s quite a bit.”

Kadlik explained that Wayland's approved Chapter 90 funds from the state -- $474,762 -- are strictly reimbursement funds, which means the town must have the money up front to complete the project. In addition, Chapter 90 projects must go through an extensive state approval process.

The funds are usable for five years after they are granted, and Kadlik explained they aren't available until the state budget is approved, which occurred in early July. By the time that happens, it's often too late to complete the project request process during the current construction season. For that reason, Kadlik said, he often rolls those dollars forward for projects the following spring.

For this year's Chapter 90 funds, Kadlik said he hopes to do a mill and overlay repair on about two miles of Route 30. Kadlik's estimate for that project is about $500,000, which is still cheaper than a full repaving.

Pelham Island Road

And when it comes to Pelham Island Road, Kadlik said it's complicated.

According to Kadlik, Pelham Island Road needs about $2 million worth of drainage and repaving work from Route 20 to the Sudbury line. Because of the watershed and nearby conservation areas, concerns about the drainage issue corrections have been expressed.

“There’s a patchwork you can do, or you can go do it the right way," Kadlik said, pointing out that significant work on the road has met opposition in the past. "It all depends on what the residents want. Do you want to spend $2 million on this road or [just] make it passable?"

Either way, the condition of Pelham Island Road is on Kadlik's radar and he said it would be part of the discussion once the new bridge is complete.

Lou Marcoccio July 18, 2012 at 07:48 PM
Hi Brooklyn, I'm you're number one fan! Road quality in Wayland - Roads are nearly all well paved in Wayland. A couple exceptions exist in South Wayland close to Natick and a short part of Old Connecticut Path. However, paving is the least of Wayland's road problems. Wayland's istepchild road where problems occur most often is Oak Street. There are no sidewalks and cars speed. It's a disaster waiting to happen for children and adults. This Wayland street runs from Route 30 to the Mass Pike bridge (Natick Line). It is a very narrow road with no shoulders. It has a high speed limit of 35 MPH. There are NO crosswalks or sidewalks of any kind. Most importantly, nearly every house on the street and adjoining streets have children. If you stop by right now, you'll see long skid marks on it. Trucks from Framingham and Natick with items falling off their trailers, 18 wheelers driving at high speed, and cars and trucks of every type and condition fly through this street every day littering, speeding, skidding, and road rage horn blowing. Students taking busses have difficulty waiting for them and keeping from getting hit while crossing during rush hours. Petitions are being signed to try and address this situation. Sidewalks, crosswalks, flashing speed signs and a lower speed limit is desperately needed before worse things happen, and they will. Car accidents happen often and cars have driven over lawns to avoid crashes, - Lou Marcoccio
Brooklyn Lowery July 19, 2012 at 01:55 PM
Hi Lou. It's very nice to meet a fan. Glad you're enjoying the site. Thanks for your thoughts. You aren't the first person to mention a sidewalk issue in Wayland. I know, too, that traffic calming has been a hot topic of late. This is the first specific mention of Oak Street, however. It will be an interesting situation to follow.
Sketchy The Clown August 19, 2012 at 07:05 PM
Both Oak street & Rice road are in the best condition that they have been, in 50 years. 35 mph is not a "high speed limit". Having lived adjacent to Oak street for over 50 years, I do not recall ever, anyone being hurt on it. Like a lot of people, I don't like change, and I was not happy that they put a traffic signal @ Rte. 30, but it is a lot better now. Spend that money where the town really needs it.


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