Weekly Question: More Snow Days for Wayland Students this Year?

With two "snow days" already on the books, how many more do you expect Wayland students to have this year?

Did you look outside yesterday afternoon and notice something white falling from the sky?

Yes, that was snow, and we couldn't help but let our thoughts turn to snow days in Wayland and how many more there could be this school year. Hurricane Sandy already cost the district two snow days, but early November snow doesn't bode well for students who don't want to linger in classes any later in June.

Wayland students were scheduled to finish up classes on June 18, 2013, but will already need to attend class through Thursday, June 20 to make up for the Hurricane Sandy closings.

So, while we realize this is total speculation, just take a guess and tell us what you think in the comments: How many more snow days will Wayland students see this year? And are you happy about snow days or would you prefer schools stay open unless absolutely necessary to close?

Editor's Note: Our end dates were incorrect in the original, but have been corrected above.


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