Weekly Question: Do You Support Town Funding for WaylandCares?

In a matter of months, residents will make budget decisions for Fiscal Year 2014 in Wayland.

It's budget season in Wayland, which means there are numbers galore flying around ... and just as many opinions about those numbers.

On Monday night, selectmen voted to support three budget initiatives -- funds for a new police officer, funds for a new firefighter/paramedic, and funds to allow WaylandCares to continue when its grant funding runs out in September.

The first two items, the new officer and new firefighter/paramedic, received unanimous support from selectmen. WaylandCares funding, however, generated sparks and, ultimately a 3-2 vote in its favor.

WaylandCares is requesting that the town provide $102,000 to sustain the organization, which focuses on youth substance abuse prevention. The funds would support two, part-time employees and would ideally be supplemented by additional grant dollars.

Three selectmen say WaylandCares is important to the town and should be supported by it, but two selectmen say they need more information about the program and aren't entirely sure it's the town's responsibility to fund it.

What do you think? Are you in favor of including a $102,000 line item in the Fiscal Year 2014 operating budget to support WaylandCares?

Richard P Turner January 10, 2013 at 03:45 PM
I do not support the town funding this this should be funded under the School Dept annaul budget i have seen orread any thing about this program this is not the time spend money we don,t know what is going on the federal side just last night i read that the Defense department may have to furlough the entire civilian work force


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