Week in Review: Carjacking, Town Center Yogurt, Medical Marijuana and Sandy Approaches

Here's a look back at some of the top stories in Wayland this week.

Local Family Excited to Bring Dessert to Wayland Town Center
A Sudbury family has dreamed of frozen treats in the area for some time. Now they're bringing Orange Leaf to Wayland Town Center.

Wayland Officials Speak Out Against Medical Marijuana Question
The Wayland Board of Health and police chief are speaking out against Ballot Question 3. WaylandCares has developed its own position statement in opposition.

A Framingham man was unharmed when two suspects attempted to carjack him on a quiet street in a Cochituate neighborhood. The Wayland Police Department have released a Wanted poster for the suspect they have identified.

There are discussions in the works about how best to use Wayland's three elementary schools while ensuring educational equity for all students.

Wayland DPW Preparing for Sandy's Worst
Hurricane Sandy is expected to impact Wayland Monday and Tuesday, but the town's Department of Public Works was busy preparing days in advance.

Kevin_Hunt October 28, 2012 at 03:33 PM
"The Wayland Board of Health and police chief are speaking out against Ballot Question 3. " I suppose the board of health is supportive of pharmaceuticals that kill 20,000 Americans per year while medical marijuana has killed zero humans in 5,000 years of real world testing? Does the police chief think that 75 more years of failed marijuana prohibition will reduce supply or demand? Not likely. Vote YES on measure #3.


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