Wayland's Favorite Place to Exercise is ...

Hundreds of folks turned out to vote in our most recent "Best of Patch Readers' Choice" poll, and now we have a winner.

Richard Simmons would be proud.

You are passionate about your exercise, Wayland. For this week's "Best of Patch Readers' Choice" poll, we asked you to tell us your favorite place to exercise, and now we have a winner.

tops the list of best places in Wayland to exercise based on votes and reviews.

"All in all, I can’t imagine a better place to exercise – in Wayland or anywhere else," commented Anna Laura Rosow about Pilates Works.

Pilates Works is owned and run by Deb Goldman who operates her gym in a dedicated and specially designed space at her home. She walks clients through apparatus and mat-based Pilates workouts as well as more traditional cardio and strength routines.

Just because Pilates Works pulled out the victory doesn't mean the other exercise locations in our poll didn't have their share of fans.

Kelly Garofalo had this to say about : "Sure, it is a GREAT place to exercise ... But really, GISFW Wayland is a place where you meet your goals: weight loss, strength, healthier eating, and 'transform' into the person you once only dreamed you could be."

And John Marshall said, "For me, is THE PLACE! The staff there is wonderful to work with, they're always cheerful and they really care about me! And, you can't beat the one-on-one training customized to your goals and needs."

For James McHugh, is the place. He wrote, "One2One Bodyscapes is awesome...great staff, great ownership. I highly recommend you stop in and chat with Eric and staff."

This is just a very small sample of the comments and reviews these exercise spots received. Clearly, Wayland can boast a number of excellent options when it comes to working out.

Next week, we're going in a completely different direction with our "Best of Patch Readers' Choice" poll and will be asking you to help us name the best package store in Wayland among , and .

Debra Goldman April 15, 2012 at 05:38 PM
I just wanted to thank everyone for voting for Pilates Works as the best place to exercise in Wayland. When I moved here 13 years ago and put my son in kindergarten (he's graduating high school in June!) I had no idea how much I would love living and working in this community. I hope to have many more happy years here! Deb Goldman


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