'Wayland Is Turning Into Sudbury'

Big police and business news this week got Wayland talking; here's a roundup of some comments on Wayland Patch.

Town Center Stop & Shop Becomes Hub for Hurricane Sandy Donations

- "Thank you Cynthia! I will pass on to siblings in area. You do so much to help others and make it so easy for others to help as well......you are beautiful....thank you." - Megan Kelley

- "I'm really looking forward to this store opening. I think it will be a great addition to Wayland Town Center." - Jen

Selectmen to Discuss Traffic Flow Adjustments and More

- "Re: Traffic Flow. There are now signs at the Moore Road, Glezen Lane, and Training Field intersections with Rt. 126 which say, "No access to Town Center. Use Rt. 126." First of all, historically the Town Center of Wayland is something other than a shopping mall. Second, are they now not allowing left-hand turns onto Rt. 27 from these roads? Or are they going to take a lesson from the town of Lincoln and block them off from 27?" - Anna Laura Rosow

UPDATE: Wayland High Baseball Coach Pleads Not Guilty to OUI Charge

- "I have absolutely nothing against (those over 21) drinking or celebrating after a game. The problem that I have is when you then get in a car and drive yourself home. THAT is where I have a huge issue, and it is something that is comletely avoidable which puts not only the driver at risk, but puts everyone else on the road with them at risk. I also understand that one is innocent until proven guilty BY THE LAW. But this is not a media report alone, this is an actual arrest with OUI charges and a moving vehicle violation, and an employer has every right to respond to an arrest without waiting for a verdict from the courts. In this case the OUI arrest of a teacher (health and wellness?! Really?!), coach and role model should be enough justification for there to be severe and immediate consequences enacted by the school district. An incredibly negative example has now been set for the town's youth and, while Dr. Stein states that Wayland doesn't have an automatic response for situations like this, that does NOT prevent them, as Mr. Cincotta's employer, from establishing their own employment-based consequences based on the arrest alone and outside of what the law may or may not find Mr. Cincotta guilty of." - Amy Simmons

- "I agree with you almost entirely Amy; the employer has a right to respond separate from the legal system and the accusation is a serious one with great risk for others. On the other hand, I would contend that you do not understand the notion of innocent until proven guilty, and you proved that in your next sentence. An "actual" arrest does not prove that a person committed the crime they are accused of. Based upon your explanation, an arrest is the equivalent of a finding of guilt in court. That IS something that is perpetrated by the media. You rarely, if ever, hear reported when an arrest that was made ultimately proves to be inaccurate. I am not saying that is the case here, but all people are due that legal process." - DHS

- "Trees or an open beautiful field would have been better. Very disappointing to see, Wayland is turning into Sudbury. What happen to being original." - YOLO

Letter: A Response to the Fire Chief's Letter

- "As a runner and cyclist that frequents the area and lives in Wayland, I guarantee this will be dangerous to non-vehicular traffic. We can't even get cars to stop at marked cross walks for pedestrians. Drivers are distracted and impatient. They speed through all areas of town, and frequently through school zones. I do think there will be a fatality sooner rather than later." - Michele C

- "Monsieur Baron. Your great guy friends strategy of buying the nearby houses, on the quiet, and then asking for public acceptance and involvement seems to not be consistent and is backward. They should have been open and sought public support. Money seems to mean a great deal to these great guy people, no matter what they ruin." - Khalid


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