TELL US: How is Wayland 'Going Green' in 2013?

There are lots of well-known ways to 'go green' in 2013, but we're hoping you have a few off-the-beaten-patch options.

Yesterday, we published a list of 20 tips for going green this year.

Some were pretty standard ideas: LED lightbulbs, walking or biking when possible, carrying groceries in reusable bags ...

But we know that there are some more obscure green tips out there (we happen to know of at least one Wayland artist who uses Whole Foods bags as canvases for his artwork), so we wanted to tap the best resource we have: Our readers.

So, Wayland Patch Patch readers, tell us your best outside-of-the-box tips for going green this year. If you've found a creative way to reuse some common household "trash" or perhaps a way to convince your kids to grow their own vegetables, we want to hear about it in the comments section below. Think of this as a Pinterest moment for green tips.

No tip is too small. If it's a small step you and your family have taken, perhaps that small step can be multiplied throughout town for an even larger impact.


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