State Department of Health Tests Mansion Beach Water for Bacteria

Photos captured along Mansion Beach last week led the state Department of Health to recommend a public health warning until testing could be completed.

The first of two rounds of testing at Wayland's Mansion Beach revealed cynobacteria levels well below the state's recommended guideline.

On Thursday, Oct. 4, photos captured at Dudley Pond's Mansion Beach revealed a blue-green hue along the shoreline, leading Wayland's Board of Health to seek the state's opinion regarding the presence of cynobacteria, also known as blue-green algae.

Based on the photos, the Massachusetts Department of Health recommended a public health warning be posted and the beach be closed until the water could be tested.

The Columbus Day holiday delayed the collection and testing of the water sample, but the results sent to Wayland's Department of Health on Wednesday featured good news.

According Julia Junghanns, Wayland's director of public health, the testing of water from Dudley Pond revealed 35,000 cells per milliliter. The state's guidelines is 75,000 cells/ml.

Microcystin toxin, the component that makes blue-green algae dangerous to people and pets, was less than 1 part per billion in the water tested.

Even with the first test indicating the water is safe, the state recommended the advisory remain in place until another clean sample is taken. The state guideline requires two clean samples taken a week apart before an advisory is lifted.


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