'Perhaps They Could Open the Beach Up to Dog Owners...'

A look at some of what Wayland Patch readers had to say this week.

Weekly Question: Is Wayland a Dog-Friendly Town?

"I don't think Wayland is particularly dog friendly, but It's not totally unfriendly either. I love taking our dog on the various trails in the area, but it would also be nice to be able to take our dog to the town beach. Perhaps they could open the beach up to dog owners in the early morning and late afternoon. It would also be great to have a restaurant with patio seating where you could take pooches. But I guess we would first need a restaurant with patio seating. How about a local brew pub with an outdoor, dog-friendly patio and live music on Saturday afternoons?" - Heidi Seaborg

Wayland Sees Increase in Large-Capacity Gun Permits

- "Drawing attention to the numbers, and particularly the "increase" in licenses, can appear alarmist. In particular, you're asking people what they think about the "jump" in licenses - when there really doesn't seem to be any; there's just a steady increase. Also note that there is a much more important difference between Class A and Class B permits besides magazine capacity - the ability to carry a weapon for self-defense. This is almost certainly why people apply for Class A over Class B; there doesn't seem to be any reason to apply for Class B at all, so it's not surprising that Class A would be the most popular. http://www.goal.org/masslawpages/classaandbdifference.html" - JRZ

- "Drawing attention to the numbers is exactly what needs to be done JRZ. It is the only way to get these weapons out of people's hands and to keep people safe. NO citizen has the right to bear such a weapon; sorry, the 2nd Amendment does not protect you here." - DHS

Wayland Schools Wrestle With Medical Marijuana Policy

"I think that the official policy, unmentioned here, regarding prescription narcotics, such as those commonly prescribed for pain and dentistry (oxycodone, vicodin,etc) be followed. If you can have kids on "real dope" in school just because their doctor prescribes it, and nothing is disrupted, I don't see why some smokeless natural cannabis medicine couldn't be at worst, tolerated, if not outright accepted." - Mark

"While I think that youth who have a chronic illness should get the help they need, I am not so sure weed is the best choice for kids...its one thing if an adult whose brain is developed uses weed, but i think kids should not be allowed to use marijuana...just my 2 cents" - Marie Perry

"Elderberry syrup is very effective in keeping your immune system strong. You can get it at Whole Foods. And wash your hands, A LOT!!!" - Joey Levin


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