'No Ownership and the Propensity for Snarkiness'

Here's a quick look at some of the things Wayland patch readers had to say this week. Not surprisingly, Hurricane Sandy and the Finnerty's site top the list.

Veteran Restauranteurs Excited to Bring Their Vision to Finnerty's Site

- "This sounds great! Do you like the idea of adding the establishment to the Finnerty's development? If so, then be prepared to get excited about CVS too because without them, this does not exist! Thanks, guys, for working to make this project as great as it can be given all the business and zoning rules that apply!" - Jeff Baron

- "Still shilling for these guys?? Once again, the safety concerns and traffic issues preclude the CVS. There cannot be a curbcut across from the fire station and the drivethrough is an environmental and traffic issue. I am all for the restaurant and it is permitted under applicable zoning. If the project is untenable without CVS, that is something the developer should have considered before buying the site. Once again your argument is the false dilemma. The developer cannot do the project without CVS, therefore CVS must be allowed. No, then the project may simply not happen. Poor planning and failure to secure permits prior to seeking tenants is not the town's fault nor should the residents suffer for this disorganized approach. Developers acquire options, secure permits and then secure tenants. This has been backward from the word go. What experience do these guys have anyway? The plan seems poorly conceived and detrimental to the town and the safety of its residents." - Wayland Resident

- "The DPW in Wayland should be proactive when it comes to trimming trees so the power lines are not compromised. Old Connecticut Path has always been problematic as is the area of Stonebridge Road. It is time to think about this problem and fix the issue" -- sheryl Berenson

(UPDATED 9:55 a.m.) Hurricane Sandy: Wayland Info Center

- "Concord Road, Rte 126 between Plain Rd. and Claypit Hill Have an entire neighborhood isolated. With all the generators in the area if a fire should occur there is no way fire trucks could get through. It's one thing to be without power. It's dangerous not to have access to an entire neighborhood with elderly and children." -- Jan

- "Sherman Bridge Rd beyond Alpine no power for 30 hrs. Where are the power trucks? Major Wayland roads still blocked? Please tell me if anyone is working in this town? This response in this town and Weston is pathetic" --  Jonathan Cronin

- "I give NStar a zero for service here, but high marks for service elsewhere (assuming "elsewhere" has its power back by now). We are still without power on the western half of Sherman Bridge. I hear at least two other generators running, but I saw that neighbors on the first block of SBR had lights two nights ago. NStar has not contacted us or made any effort to explain. (Comcast called and left a robomessage on Monday, when my phone/Internet/TV service was off and on and off!) I see no crews anywhere working on the street. Last year, we were without power for six days." -- Susan Koffman

- "Mr. Baron, I prefer to think of my moniker as a nom de plume. Part of the allure of these discussion boards is the anonymity. Bill may even agree with me on that one. Perhaps you should remember Poor Richard and Mark Twain, would their words have been more meaningful as Benjamin Franklin and Samuel Clemens? The anonymity allows the arguments to stand on their own merits without the drag of bias toward the author" -- Wayland Resident

- "Better to be anonymous and thought a fool..." -- Wayland Resident

- "My point exactly. No ownership and the propensity for snarkiness. :(" -- Jeff Baron

Blog: Romney's Winning and Liberals are in Shock

- "Personally I'm hoping we get a 269-269 Electoral tie and Gov. Romney gets the popular vote. Just to experience the hisotry of such an event and to see the great theater unfold in the House!" - TB

What Businesses are Coming to Wayland Town Center?

- "Hi Everyone. WOW!!!!!! Great way to discourage anyone who IS considering . opening a small, interesting, artsy business. Who would want to risk this venture knowing the possible patrons might be one of these "fine" citizens. All of you who have such immature, uneducated, overly opinionated and negative comments should risk your families financial future and open a unique and successful small business of your own! We would all enjoy your leap of faith in opening a small business. I don't think the stae of our economey is in any position to have local citizens be negative towards local economic growth!!!!!! Wow.... I've seen it all now!!!!!" -- karen


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