Five Things You Need to Know Today: Sept. 5

Lots of musical news and a few school notes as well.

1. How Was the First Day? We hope you had a great first day of school. We'd still love to see your first day of school photos. Upload them to our gallery.

2. Early Dismissal. Remember that Wednesdaysa are early release days for Wayland students. That begins today, so prepare for picking up your kids early.

3. Musical Moments. It's Open Mic Night once again at the Dudley Chateau. Come enjoy a song, dinner and a drink.

4. Announcements, Please. Have you posted your big announcement to Wayland Patch yet? New baby, getting married, won an award, need volunteers? Whatever it is, the Announcements section of Wayland Patch is for you. Upload your info and share your news with your neighbors and fellow Wayland Patch readers.

5. Tap Into Your Musical Side. The Sudbury Valley New Horizons Band & Orchestra will begin again tonight at Wayland Middle School. Even individuals who haven't played their instruments in 50 years are invited to join the musical fun. In fact, total newcomers are welcome. Contact Diane Muffitt for info or head to Wayland Middle School tonight.


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