Five Things You Need to Know Today: Aug. 31

Labor Day weekend, here we come.

1. Get Away. There's still time to plan an end-of-summer getaway. We've collected some Labor Day weekend goings on within a few hours drive of Wayland.

2. Start Fresh. With the kids headed back to school Tuesday, they'll be taking on new challenges and experiencing plenty of new experiences. Why not challenge yourself to try something new as well. If you've considered writing a blog before, there's no time better than the start of a school year to take the leap.

3. Give and Take Day. The Give and Take Pile is still open at the Wayland Transfer Station. Once the weather becomes snowy, the pile will go away to make room for, well, the snow.

4. Did You See This? Speaking of the Wayland Transfer Station, did you check out this story about the constructed there?

5. Happy Birthday. To Richard Gere, our favorite leading man to Julia Roberts' leading lady. Believe it or not, he's done many, many movies that didn't co-star Ms. Roberts, but don't you just always picture te two of them together?


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