Do You Go to Work Sick?

The flu is making the rounds. Are you staying home with it?


Local hospitals are seeing spikes in flu cases and the Red Cross is seeing widespread cases of the flu. But, if you’re one of those people sick with the flu or with another illness, are you staying home from work?

In some jobs, increased pressure to get projects complete can result in people going to work while sick. That can make it take longer to get healthy, and potentially leave coworkers infected as well. Not to mention, your illness can make others in the office uncomfortable as they listen to your sniffles and sneezes and hope they don't pick up what ails you. 

Infecting your coworkers isn’t an issue if you work from home, or can work from home when you're sick. But some jobs don’t offer that option, or paid sick leave, which means staying home sick means not getting paid.

When you are sick, do you stay home? Do you show up so you don’t lose much needed income, or vacation time? Tell us in the comments below.


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