'... And The Town Needs This Jolt of Juice'

A look back at some of the comments Wayland Patch readers left on articles this week.

Weekly Question: Are You Worried About Town Center Traffic?

"As a cyclist I am concerned that more wasn't done to make room for cycling to and from Town Center. It would be nice if residents could leave the car at home." - Michele C

"Feeling a little nervous being a merchant (Michelle's Jewelry Boutique) on rte 20...but honestly any change is nerve wracking and the town needs this jolt of juice for the revenue and to keep up with competitive surrounding towns. I welcome the traffic. It just might make a huge difference in exposure for my store." - Michelle Meltzer

Town Center Traffic Restrictions Go Into Effect Friday

"I appreciate the attempt to decrease cut through traffic but at the same time these restrictions are seriously inconvenient for those of us who live in that area and want to go to the cow common or the community gardens! Bottom line it might be nice for the folks in Sudbury but I doubt very much that the town center is going to improve our living situation in Wayland." - Townie

PHOTOS: Hurricane Sandy Donations Leave Wayland for Breezy Point

"Another example of how this town comes together for people in need. Many thanks to all that took part in this effort." - Richard P Turner


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