5 Things: Elections Approach, Gym is Closed, Meetings Galore

Tomorrow is election day, so don't forget to prepare for your vote.

1. Election Info. The state and federal election swill take place tomorrow. Wondering what you need to know before heading ot the polls in Wayland? Check out our Wayland Election Guide 2012 for details.

2. Gymnasium Closed. This is just a reminder that the gym at the Wayland Town Building will be closed until Wednesday. It's a polling location in Wayland.

3. Storm Debris. If you did some storm cleanup over the weekend, remember that the Wayland Transfer Station will accept, free of charge, natural (ie. limbs, leaves, etc.) debris. The transfer station is open normal hours this week.

4. Meeting Monday. The School Committee, Board of Selectmen, Board of Public Works, Finance Committee, Board of Assessors, Cultural Council and Council on Aging all meet today. Click on the links for times and agendas, as available.

5. Happy Guy Fawkes Day! The British use fireworks to commemorate the day, but that's about where the happy-go-lucky part of the story ends. Nov. 5 actually remembers the day that could have been devastating for Britain had conspirator Guy Fawkes' plan to blow up Parliament not been foiled. (Yes, we said foiled). On Nov. 5, Britons "celebrate his demise" by burning Fawkes in effigy, shooting fireworks and other such firey activities.


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