5 Things: Assessments, Seeds for Kids and Super Bowl News

The Board of Assessors has issued it's initial Fiscal Year 2013 assessments.

1. 2013 Assessments. The Board of Assessors has completed its preliminary property valuations for Fiscal Year 2013. Wondering about your home? The list is here for single family homes and it's here for condos.

2. Did You See This? Patch will be live blogging the Warriors first trip to the Super Bowl since 2006. The kickoff time and location were announced Wednesday.

3. Deck the House. It's that time of year when Patch goes on a hunt for the best decorated house in the country. The winning home wins $100,000 for their local schools, but you have to enter to win

4. Seeds and Kids. Former Patch columnist and gardner extraordinaire Renee Bolivar will be at the Wayland Public Library today to present "The Wonders of the Seed," a workshop/story for preschoolers on seeds, growth and the life cycle.

5. Dance a Jig. Or perhaps a square dance. Today is apparently Square Dance Day. Swing your partner, dosey do ... just do what you do.


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