Wayland Friends Ready for Challenge of Activewear Business

Two Wayland moms are looking for an opportunity to bring unique active wear into homes, businesses and other locations.

When it comes to activewear, two Wayland moms have been doing their research.

What did they find?

Well, not what they were looking for in Wayland or nearby.

So Janet Haspel and Janet Cramer decided to bring what they were looking for right into Wayland homes.

Haspel and Cramer founded BOD (Beautiful, Original, Distinctive) this summer as a company built around making unique, high-quailty activewear available in a home-based format.

Their goal is to create "a roving, roaming boutique."

The whole plan began as Haspel and Cramer started talking about the next stage in their lives now that their kids are older and requiring less of their time.

"We’d always sort of just play around with the idea of ‘What can we do?’” Haspel said. Then, around Haspel's 50th birthday, and with all their kids either in high school or college, they settled on a plan to combine their love of fitness and fashion.

Haspel said the two began searching online for "interesting" activewear lines. They were looking specifically for something similar to Lululemon, but less ubiquitous in the Boston area.

"That same quality, but different and fun and something that people would feel good about wearing," Haspel explained. "And something that they wouldn’t have access to at the mall or a boutique even.”

The business partners settled on a few brands that fit their criteria, but decided to keep things simple as they got their business off the ground and are initially offering one line: 15Love.

“I’m always looking for something new or unique because I do wear it a lot," said Haspel who, like Cramer, identifies herself as an avid exerciser. "People get tired of seeing themselves in the same shirt as everyone else.”

15Love is known for both tennis apparel, which Haspel and Cramer will consider offering in the spring, and for interchangeable straps on their workout tops, a fun detail that Cramer said she especially likes.

"The clothes do play a role in how you feel about yourself," Haspel said, adding that women are wearing their workout clothes around town rather than only at the gym. "I think it’s a struggle to get women to wear fitted clothes sometimes, even though they look better on them. The stuff that you pay more for, lasts."

Haspel and Cramer stocked up on 15Love apparel and have begun to book some shows at local nonprofit events as well as an introductory party for their family and friends.

Their business model involves their stocking a full array of sizes and styles that they will transport to homes and businesses for shows. Customers at the events will be able to try on the clothes and purchase them right there, rather than seeing samples and needing to place an order.

"It makes it social," Cramer said. "It's a party."

And while this is the beginning for BOD, the business owners are certainly willing to see how it develops.

Cramer said she would love for the business to evolve into a business similar to CAbi, where consultants would work under the BOD brand to sell the items.

And, of course, there's always the dream of creating their own activewear line, Cramer said.

For now, Cramer and Haspel said they are just enjoying the support of their husbands, kids and friends as they navigate the new business venture.

"I’m proud of what we’re doing," Haspel said. "It’s re-energized me on a certain level. It really has."

BOD is currently booking shows at homes and other events. For information, email bodactive@gmail.com.


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