Patch Readers Not Pleased About HomeGoods Move To Westford

Readers especially concerned about another high-profile retail vacancy.

Local reaction was swift and nearly universal when Tewksbury Patch broke the news that HomeGoods would be closing its Tewksbury store by Feb. 1 and relocating to Westford.

Some readers were upset that, as shoppers, they were losing a favorite location to pickup home furnishings and decor.

Other readers took the viewpoint of taxpayers and were diappointed another business was moving out of town and another highly visible Route 38 vacancy was being created.

Here is a sample of the comments people left on the original story and on the Tewksbury Patch Facebook page:


?!?! Don't take our Home Goods away! Get your own Westford!

Kelly Joyce

Sigh. Yet another empty building in Tewksbury. So frustrating.

Stephen McLaughlin

Do I see a Dollar Store in the site's future??!?!? Don't have enough of those in this town --- don't we??!?!!?!


Saw the sign today...that is too bad, that was a great store, never left empty handed...Hope it doesnt stay empty for long!

Maggie MacDonald

First Staples in Wilmington and now Home Goods closing...unhappy camper.

Joe Bill

That space could be used for a huge beer and cigarette outlet. I also envision a section of NASCAR apparel. It would be perfect for this town. Tewksbury has turned into Salisbury without the beach.

Amy Davis

More empty commercial space in Tewksbury just what we need.

Tricia Brennan

I love Home Goods, but I'm not surprised considering whenever I shop there the store is relatively empty.

Tewksbury Mom

Too bad this is one of my favorite stores... It was perfect for checking all those great home items!! I really hope this lot doesn't stay empty like the rite aide...whata waste! This town needs more quality businesses- what about a trader joes ?? No more 1$ stores or salons please...

Ginger 's Mom

There goes my weekly therapy

Kelley Ciampa

Tewksbury is truly looking run down with all the empty stores. Such a shame the rents are so high etc. We need more clothings store a nice Kohls. No wonder why MA heads to NH!

Janellen27 January 16, 2013 at 08:47 PM
I think we're all pretty much aware of these things, and you're preaching to the choir. I didn't vote for "mini-me", nor his friend, "maxi-me", either time. HERE'S AN IDEA: Go to Deval Patrick and ask him for $30million from all the other taxpayers of Massachusetts to bail us out. It worked for "midi-me", their other friend, Willy L.. Yes, on top of our own debt, each town/city in Massachusetts is covering The Poverty-Stricken Corrupt Third World Country of Lawrence to a total of $30 million. ANOTHER IDEA, and one that would be healthier than the idea above: Find out which small businesses Tewksbury Residents, themselves, have always WISHED they could afford to start up themselves, if only they had the funding to do so. Have our Community Development people go get the grant money for all of those Tewksbury residents to do so. Get all the types of small businesses that we need, and that we drive OUT of town for, and support ourselves in growing our town from within, and empowering its residents to make the town more of what they want and one that they can actually build themselves, with a little backing.
MammaMia January 17, 2013 at 03:19 PM
Target would be good; but I think Kohls offers big coupons/promotions on items with jacked up prices, so you only think you are getting a deal.
Momof3 January 17, 2013 at 10:08 PM
Bowling Alley, craft store, sports equipment store, pet store, formal wear store (excellent idea from a recent post), party store perhaps...why do we leave Tewksbury to shop, you ask? To escape all the vacant, lonely storefronts and do some "one-stop shopping" elsewhere...Main Street is horrible to get errands done, especially on the weekend...driving plaza to plaza....one-stop shopping is key to us working moms...just saying...and I will truly miss "homegoods therapy"...very sad to have to travel now to Westford, however, it will allow some "one-stop shopping" for me if I make the trip!!
Kathleen Brothers January 20, 2013 at 09:15 PM
OMG, just got back from vacation. When we drove by Home Goods and saw the sign I thought I would have a heart attack. LOVE THAT STORE! I thought during the Christmas season that there weren't as many shoppers as other years and stock seemed low. Big loss to the town. Also, big loss that Staples in Wilmington is gone. If it makes anyone feel better, just got back from Florida and the little town that we vacationed in is having the same problem. Lots of empty store fronts. Too bad...Sign of the times, I guess.
Kerry January 25, 2013 at 07:26 PM
Sadly the Firearms store comment is true.... The Town Crier did an article on it this week.


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