Finnerty's Redevelopment 'Moving in the Right Direction' Even With Postponed Hearing

The continuation of the public hearing for the Wayland site has been postponed until Dec. 4.

The continuation of the public hearing for the Finnerty's redevelopment has once again been postponed, this time until Tuesday, Dec. 4.

Developers Matthew Levy and Jesse Adelman first met with the Planning Board at a public hearing on Sept. 4. The continuation of that hearing has since been postponed on several occasions.

The delay in the hearing, however, doesn't mean that work hasn't continued.

Two veteran restaurateurs have signed an agreement to open an as-yet-unnamed restaurant at the property located on the corner of Main and West Plain streets. Additionally, Levy and Adelman have been working on the overall site plan, which has been proposed as a two building development: One building a CVS and the other a restaurant with some additional commericial and office space.

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"Working off the feedback from the Planning Board in our first public meeting, we have been making changes based on public's and Design Review Committee's feedback," Adelman explained in an email. "These changes require us to partner with our tenants and take some time. We are moving in the right direction and look forward to being back in front of the Planning Board shortly."

The continuation of the hearing is currently scheduled to take place Dec. 4.

Jeff Baron December 03, 2012 at 12:37 AM
Ok. But they have no right to stop a project that needs no relief. CVS needs no (or incredibly minior) relief if it is the only thing on the property. My fear is that is exactly where we're heading. They can appeal, delay, etc. However, eventually, CVS goes in. I continue to vote for a multi-use project as opposed to a stand-alone CVS...
Wayland Transparent December 03, 2012 at 02:01 AM
What about the neon lights at the dry cleaner...it makes the area look seedy and the store look like a tattoo parlor.
Wayland Resident December 03, 2012 at 12:07 PM
Mr. Baron, you once again advocate the false dilemma of a CVS only or a CVS plus 14,000 square feet of additional retail and office space. The former has NEVER been proposed. Only the latter, including the curb cut (which requires a variance), commercial parking in a residential zone (which requires a special permit), oversized illuminated signage (which requires a special permit and a drive through (which requires a special permit). A standalone CVS with no curb cut, illuminated signage or drive through still requires a special permit for parking. Although I would not favor this concept, it could be screened and setback and would not create the eyesore of the proportion density and signage. Moreover, without the drive through or curb cut it would not pose the safety issues of the current proposal. That said, the CVS alone has not been proposed, merely threatened as a less attractive alternative to extort zoning relief for the larger project. In reality, I do not think you see CVS without the curbcut and signage. That is why we have not seen the CVS only proposal. If the current plan is not approved it clears the path for ONY the desirable ancillary uses. Despite the groaning a of the developers, this type of project could be financed with lower leverage and some personal recourse. That type of project should be the goal. Again, CVS is only in the equation to maximize loan proceeds and eliminate developer exposure to recourse.
guess who December 03, 2012 at 06:01 PM
You all need to get a life and I WANT CVS.......You others can go to Rite Aid where it smells dirty and gross........
DP December 03, 2012 at 06:44 PM
I agree – this is great news! I am excited for a new restaurant and for the CVS. The drive to the Wayland CVS takes about 20 minutes one-way and that is before the upcoming huge traffic of the New Town Center (which will be a nightmare). I understand the apprehension of some neighbors but also find that there are only signs in a few yards against this development. As a matter of fact, I walked my neighborhood and found on 7 streets with about 130 houses, there are only 2 yards with signs. This sounds like the same arguments when Starbucks wanted to set up shop in Wayland and now it is a great business strip and not a mall. Starbucks and Einstein’s have a nice setup outside for people to enjoy and I haven’t heard of any major problems. I applaud the developers in cleaning up the area. I am tired of looking at the rundown Finnety’s building. Let’s move forward and bring in some businesses that can help with our taxes plus our conveniences.


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