60-Second Intervals: Women’s Weight Training Myths

“Lifting Weights Will Make Me Big and Bulky!”

From my days as a personal trainer, which started over 10 years ago, to my career as an exercise physiologist and nutrition research specialist, and now as an owner of six body transformation studios, I have heard countless times from women telling me they don’t want to get big and bulky from lifting heavy weights.

I have never had a client get big and bulky from a properly structured resistance training program, even when the weights being used were very challenging. The reason for this is women cannot produce as much testosterone (about 1/10th as much as men), one of the primary hormones for increasing muscle size.

While women, on average, don’t produce as much testosterone as men, testosterone is still important for females for building lean tissue, estrogen production and bone health, to name a few reasons.

You can get results in as little as a 30-minute a workout. Progressive weight training will help you sculpt a better body in less time than you think. When you use proper form, which can be guided and corrected with a trainer, you will have a safe and effective way to improve your body composition and bone density, and you will still be stimulating the release of hormones that help you burn fat, improve insulin sensitivity, and keep you feeling great all day.

60-Second Intervals are Bite-Sized Articles which can be read in 60 seconds or less, delivering information, education, motivation, and inspiration that will help you live a happier, healthier, and more productive life.

Bob Kaplan holds advance degrees in exercise physiology and business, an undergraduate degree in nutrition, is a nationally certified personal trainer, and owns six Get In Shape For Women locations in Bedford, Wayland, Wellesley, Westford, Weston, and Winchester.

For more information about Kaplan's services at Get in Shape For Women in Wayland, please call 508-545-2326 or visit at 15 E Plain Street, Wayland, MA, 01778, or online at www.getinshapeforwomen.com for a free week trial.

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