Weekly Question: What Should Wayland's New Year's Resolution Be?

Individual resolutions are one thing, but what should the town of Wayland be aiming to accomplish in 2013?

Well, it's Jan. 2. How many of you have already fallen off the New Year's resolution wagon?

Here's hoping your commitment is holding firm.

To take your mind off your own, personal betterment, we wanted to take this opportunity at the start of 2013 to turn our attention to the Town of Wayland's betterment.

You live, work, play and pay taxes in Wayland. You've watched it grow and change and shrink and morph into what it is today. In fact, this year Wayland will begin celebrating everything that it has been during its 375-year history.

So as you think back over Wayland's history and ponder ahead through 2013, we want to know: What should Wayland's New Year's resolution be? Does it need to lose weight (cut costs)? Bulk up (bring in new business)? Take better care of its appearance (adjust design requirments or available open space)?

Is there something else on your mind that you're hoping to see Wayland resolve to do in 2013. Tell us in the comments!


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