'As Long As It's Not In Our Back Yards'

Here's a look at the what Wayland was talking about this week.

Developers Present Revised Finnerty's Site Plan; Residents React

- "People need to come to the realization that change can be good. Let's properly utilize this space and have more dining/shopping options conveniently located in Wayland." - Anna Roi

- I've spoken with many residents who live in Cochituate, and I've listened to their concerns. What I have heard is that the residents there WANT the site to be developed. Once the property changed hands, landscaping was abandoned. Drive by now - there are still branches down from Hurricane Sandy, leaves haven't been picked up, the fence has been down for over a year, there are abandoned paint cans in the parking lot - it is a mess. To develop the site as proposed, the town needs to grant several special permits - requires more parking than what is presented (too much building for the amount of space), want to put parking spaces (looks to be about 20-25 spaces) on residentially zoned land, etc, etc etc. Houses are being knocked down and the space where they currently stand will be made into a parking lot. Why is hard for some to understand that most of the residents just want the site to be developed in a way that is keeping with the area? If the property is developed in a way that special permits and variances aren't needed, it would fit into the area. Most of the people I have heard, just want the site to be developed in a way that it doesn't need so many special permits - that is what is allowed "under Wayland's laws". Why shouldn't those residents request or demand that?" - wayland

Wayland Police Take Part in High-Tech Firearms Training

- "I'm glad the Wayland PD got to make use of the simulated fireams training, its a great law enforcement tool. My question is why is the Middlesex Sheriff's office in control of a piece of multimillion dollar training equipment. The Sheriff's office should be concerned with their mission, which is the detention facilities in Middlesex County. The training of police offcier should be done by the department which has historically led the way in this regard -the State Police. This is a prime example of the fractured nature of law enfrocment in Massachusetts. The next thing that will happen is Sheriff's responding to homicides. This happened in one county in Massachusetts until they were forced to stop. All that this stroy does is show how politics and good grant writing competes for limited law enforcement dollars" - Robert L. Cerra

Planning Board Considers Zoning Bylaw for Marijuana Dispensaries

- "So we're all for safely comforting the seriously ill with marijuana, as long as it's not in our back yards, huh." - JRZ

Finnerty's Redevelopment 'Moving in the Right Direction' Even With Postponed Hearing

- "My name is Doug Alongi and I live on Bogren Lane in Cochituate. I have been following the events related to the development of what use to be Finnerty's and am looking forward to attending this weeks meeting in order to learn more about the proposed development. A few things which intitially come to mind: - The current land is zoned as commercial property - Residents who live near the property, I have to assume but do not know, were and have been aware the property is and has been zoned as commercial property - Traffic often appears on many streets, especially those named Main Street - Any and all of us had the opportunity to purchase the land, myself included and decided against doing so for various reasons I have met with the developers, in an attempt to educate myself and walked away with the following thoughts: - Reasonable people who are trying to bring something nice to Wayland - Town residents who are looking to capture a ROI (this in my mind isn't a bad thing) I look forward to having a walking desitination for all Cochituate families to enjoy. Also, Natick has a mall, what is being proposed here isn't what most consider to be a mall. Again, I am looking forward to Tuesday's meeting as it will serve as another opportunity to further educate myself on this project." - Doug Alongi

- "Mr. Baron, you once again advocate the false dilemma of a CVS only or a CVS plus 14,000 square feet of additional retail and office space. The former has NEVER been proposed. Only the latter, including the curb cut (which requires a variance), commercial parking in a residential zone (which requires a special permit), oversized illuminated signage (which requires a special permit and a drive through (which requires a special permit). A standalone CVS with no curb cut, illuminated signage or drive through still requires a special permit for parking. Although I would not favor this concept, it could be screened and setback and would not create the eyesore of the proportion density and signage. Moreover, without the drive through or curb cut it would not pose the safety issues of the current proposal. That said, the CVS alone has not been proposed, merely threatened as a less attractive alternative to extort zoning relief for the larger project. In reality, I do not think you see CVS without the curbcut and signage. That is why we have not seen the CVS only proposal. If the current plan is not approved it clears the path for ONY the desirable ancillary uses. Despite the groaning a of the developers, this type of project could be financed with lower leverage and some personal recourse. That type of project should be the goal. Again, CVS is only in the equation to maximize loan proceeds and eliminate developer exposure to recourse." - Wayland Resident (Mr. Baron's comment to which this is a response is available in the larger comment thread)


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