'Are We Not Culpable in Newtown's and Other Tragedies?'

A look back at what Wayland was saying this week on the Patch comment boards.

Weekly Question: How Do You Feel about Temporary Signs in Town?

- "I agree the signs aren't a good look, nor is it convenient to stop, take it out of the car and place it on the lawn in the pouring rain, etc. When we purchased ours we tried to make it as attractive as possible but what can you do to a sandwich board? We'd love to be able to have a better sign that would be visible from the road but the town by-laws don't really permit it (unless you're CVS). Rather than be so curmudeonish about the signs how about thinking in more positive terms such as how can we better help the small businesses in our community?? What can we do to help them be more visible?? How can we better support them?? Positive ideas are so much better for everyone." - Robin EL-Hachem

"Robin, You would be surprised what the town will do if done through the proper channels. I take it you own a business and would like a sign. There are any number of people at both the Planning Department, Planning Board and the Economic Development Committee that would help you get a sign permitted. You would have to meet them half way and engage a sign contractor to come up with a plan and if done properly, I will bet they would walk it through the process for you… I would not assume the town is anti-business – there are good volunteers at the town that “get it” and are willing to work with people. Give them a shot…" - Bill

- "Residential property values around CVS will decline due to increased traffic and pollution (noise, light) and decreased safety. This will also have a negative impact on taxes collected from properties in the immediate area. Eventually streets will need to be widened and and improvements to the intersection and traffic signal upgrades will need to take place; who is going to pay for that? The drastic changes to our "way of life" and the impact and access to recreational venues such as Cochituate Field, Hanna-William Playground, Wayland Town Beach, Middle School will make the village a less desirable place to live. Has an economic-impact study been conducted?" - Can't Tolerate The Project

- "I am so tired of the negativity! I think this project will bring a village feel to the neighborhood and encourage people to walk around and meet each other. I have to deal with the traffic every day but like the idea that I will not have to drive through Wayland Center traffic which is really crazy to get to CVS and a shop or 2." - Donna Stetson Testa

Is Now the Time to Talk Gun Control?

- "Are we not culpable in Newtown's and other tragedies? Have we not failed one another and, particularly, our children? Instead of permitting battlefields in our schools and shopping malls, as citizens of a democracy, are we not bound to maintain a society that is safe for all of us to thrive? Let’s each of us act to change gun laws now. It will not take a lot. It is the least we must ask of ourselves." - rebecca furie


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